Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thoughts on Ice Cream

When I got the Ice Cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid I made the French Vanilla recipe that came in the book. It was a lot easier than I was expecting and it turned out Fabulous ! Even I liked it (and I don't usually like vanilla anything)...Then I found a chocolate ice cream recipe in one of my books. Worked well too. Not the greatest tho' - will try another recipe.

Any recipe I've come across calls for cooking. Marjie has also been making ice cream but she has recipes that you don't have to cook first - gotta try one of them !

This week I decided to make an Eggnog ice cream for my Christmas dinner this Saturday. The recipe I found called for 1/4 cup rum - I DON'T LIKE RUM ! But DH does and he can't drink the processed eggnog because the preservatives give him a migraine. So, I figured this could be a good substitute.

During the course of the week I also came across some comment that if you add liquor to ice cream it will prevent it from freezing so hard. TRUE ! I made the ice cream today and normally when it's ready, the Ice Cream maker will start to make a clicking noise and skip. With the rum added this ice cream was still VERY soft after the processing was done. Will soon see how hard it is once it's been in the freezer a while.

Oh, and although I really don't like rum - this ice cream will not last long - it's great - yes, of course I tasted it ! LOL


  1. Mmmm...Sounds like it would make a great topping over apple pie :) or fresh fruit, if it doesn't harden like ice cream ;)

  2. HOORAY! I must get that rum! And make that eggnog ice cream! I love eggnog no matter where it comes from, but I suspect my milkman will soon be delivering out-of-this-world, farm fresh eggnog!

  3. Mmmm, maybe I should look into getting that attachment...


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