Saturday, December 6, 2008

The end of the cookies

This morning's baking...I made the dough for these yesterday and baked them this morning. Should I post the recipes ?

Candy Cane cookies & Almond balls

Cookie tins will have Ribbon cookies, Candy Cane cookies, Almond balls, Spritz, & Shortbread cookies - that oughta keep all the men happy !

The balance of the afternoon was spent on the knitting projects, finished the 2 on the needles and started 2 more, hopefully to be finished or almost finished tonight.

Tomorrow during the shopping trip I'll pick up the fabric I need to continue/complete one of the sewing projects.


  1. You sure have been baking up a storm. Your pictures make me hungry. I plan to try your Ribbon Cookies when I start my cookie baking later this month.

  2. I love almond cookies! I salute you for your ambition!

  3. These look good! Tins full of home baked cookies....what a great gift idea? How many do you have to make?

  4. Good luck with the ribbon cookies Audrey, I'm sure you'll love them.

    Marjie, it's not ambition, it's INSANITY !


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